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Who We Are

Coming home can be a difficult readjustment period for many people, including families of a "hero".  Our organization strives to build on the readjustment period it takes to integrate back into society on a civilian level.  We also focus on PTSD for those that have been through crisis they feel they can't deal with alone.  Connecting them with others that have been through similar situations allows an avenue to talk, share, and know that they are not alone in their struggle.   My wife and I started "Homeward for Heroes" a non-profit organization for veterans, law enforcement, firefighters, and first responders and their spouses. We take them on treks 3-10 days long where they can connect with each other, build new relationships, and reconnect with their spouses, especially after long periods away like deployments, training periods, fighting fires, long shifts, etc... Our "treks" are overlanding, mainly in the Pacific Northwest at first but will be expanding as the demand grows, taking them to scenic off-road destinations that include undeveloped hot springs, romantic destinations, wine tours, ghost towns, old mines, wilderness, and just a genuine old fashioned good time.  Our team plans these treks out in advance to cater to the needs of the group and to make the time out on the road efficient and enjoyable. 

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