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How We Help

We believe that giving back to others who have been less fortunate during their time of service is crucial in the road to healing.  Between the time of WW1 & WW2, everyone served in the military, so there were people these men and women could talk to and relate with upon their return from war.  That changed after Vietnam when suddenly service members returned from duty and felt as though they had to keep their military service and experiences bottled up inside.  That's a big part of why we do what we do.  Often times it's less about camping/overlanding and more about being that person willing to lend an ear to someone who simply needs to talk about what they went through then, and what they are going through now.  Outdoor activities are a great way for veterans and first responders and spouses to bond, particularly when they happen to be facing some struggles either on an internal or external level.  It's always great to see these men and women who are down, and within the first day of camping/overlanding, there's a personality shift and their overall outlook is like night and day.  Suddenly, they and their spouses are talking and smiling, and you can see both a physical and mental change has occurred. 

Our mission doesn't stop after each trek though as our motto is "No One Fights Alone", with that we follow up. We correspond  and even meet up again to stay connected and assist anyway possible.

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